31_933 8/2/92

10 South Street, Park Lane
8 Feb. 1892
On Rosalind's engagementl; 'My heart is full of you, but, immersed in very sour business. I find nothing to say worthy of your sweetness.
1 do give you joy for having found a man whom you can so thoroughly love and esteem and work with. And I, of course, give him joy at having found you'... 'Rut please look to the shillings. We cannot live on sweets. And we must live in order to work together. I know you think me very worldly. But, you see, unfortunately, we live in the world. It is a great bore. But then you heroically set to mending the world. So 1 pray you to live. This does not at all say what my heart is full of, dearest child. But I hope soon to hear from yourself what your heart is full of...'
3p B.M. Add.MSS.45795.f.179
1. In this year Rosalind married Vaughan Nash (1861-1932) journalist, and later private secretary to Campbell-Bannerman and Asquith.

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