31_1254 16/8/93
10 South Street, Park Lane W
16 Aug. 1893
F. N. 1 s joy at hearing Miss Spencer ' s account of her work at the Edinburg4 Royal Infirmary; every good Matron and Superintendent x=es the same complaint about the difficulty of getting the right people for training; F.N. deplores the modern tendency to leave iwxrses to themselves in their off duty hours; and to substitute the Literary nurse for the practical nurse; F.N. was aghast at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary plan for putting candidates into lodgings; too much is crowded into the first year of training; F.N. hopes Miss Spencer finds help and not hindrance from the medical superintendent; suggests that a good deal of what they deplore in modern nursing 'is due to the R.B.N.A. and the Pr.l; 'Nursing has become a fashion, an amusement, a talk, or a literature - a dress'; bad impression of nurses created at the recent Oxford meeting.
BP B.M. Add.MSS.47751.f.106

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