31_1146 3/1/93

10 South Street
3 Jan. 1893
The question of whether Miss Shore shall go to the Southwark Ophthalmic Hospital after her 1Month's' trial as a Probationer at Edinburgh under Miss Spencer.
Copy 1 typed page QUEEN'S INST. DIST. NURSG.
1. Miss Florence Nightingale Shore was a Queen's nurse who was later murdered in a train while travelling back to the Hammersmith District Nurses Home, where she was living. A Memorial Fund was raised in her name to help provide a new Home and Clinic, with a room set apart as a guest room for Queen's Nurses. It is not known where the origtia l letters are, but these copies are at the Hammersmith District Nurses Association, 103 Shepherd's Bush Road, Hammersmith, W.6.

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