30_696 26/2/91

[ca. 26 Feb. 1891]

Defects of the present Register (B.N.A.); a proportion of those mentioned have never been trained in hospital; a careless register encourages a bad nurse, is a libel on good ones; nurses, midwives, monthly nurses all pall mall on the same Register; Midwives quite different from nurses; present absence of training for midwives; nurses are not like Pyramids - steadfast, immoveable - if they don't go forward they go back; you cannot register a nurse as you do a medical student, a tradesman, or a carpenter or plumber; 'Nurses have not been raised from their low estate of 30 years ago by Registration (nor will midwives) but by making nursing a profession into which good mothers of all classes would not object to their daughters entering: moral and physical care, & superintendence, good moral & physical conditions, training not only in the %echniW [sic] but in all the good habits - all that constitutes a good home together with all that constitutes a good Hospital, with all that Makes a good handmaid to the Doctors.'
4p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.191

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