30_695 26/2/91

10 South Street, Park Lane W
26 Feb. 1891
C.N.A. Private% F.N. has looked over the Articles of Association of the B.N.A. with one of the most experienced trained matrons and they both agree that it is putting the best trained nurses in the power of the Sairey Gamps; 'Every member is to have a vote!!!' that to mix up nurses and midwives is a very great mistake; that forty years hence such articles might not be preposterous, provided the intermediate time be diligently employed in levelling up and in improving and levelling up the Training Schools; that for such a body as this to decide on examinations for trained nurses is subjecting them to the government of those who know least; that the means proposed for removing an untrustworthy Nurse from the Register are quite inadequate; nurses are not objects of charity and resent this sending round the hat for them; they are registered and certificated and they do not want this superficial Register.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.187

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