30_452 25/1/90

10 South Street
25 Jan. 1890
F.N. knows of no institution which takes in half-witted children, half-deaf, and half-dumb; suggests the Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Birmingham, or the one at Earlswood, and 'our excellent Pauper Idiot Asylums'; does he know whether poor little Clark of Thornburgh has been an epileptic? Because in that case he might be treated as such; Miss Farrer says that there is a Hypnotic Society which treats the poor free on two days a week, and really appears to do good in cases of epilepsy, nervous disorders and want of self-control; 'My own idea is that every county or district should treat these unhappy cases in their own institutions, adapting them to the case, and as a rule these children are so much better treated and have such a much better chance when not massed together.' Tells of a boy of 11 dismissed from Board School as hopelessly stupid and obstinate who was treated at St. Thomas' by a 'bright, patient, devoted nurse She took him out walking and did everything possible to amuse and call him out. SHE TAUGHT HIM TO TALK IN A MONTH!! ...This sort of successful effort might and ought to be made in each district or union.' Loss of Magdalen Ward, which was the most successful reforming place she has ever known, from lack of funds; the handicapped boy went back to his Board School with a letter asking the School master to give him special instruction to make up for lost time.
6p Part dictated, part in pencil CLAYDON

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