2_466 2/5/50

2 May [1850]
Recalls all they used to talk about at Cromford; responsibility; the Egyptians did not admit the theory of repentance; Aunt Mai's influence on her thoughts; she earnestly tries to have done with those untrue things, hopes, and regrets; goodness of God's ways; she is in a missionary's house (the Hills); Mrs. Hill and her Madrel in Rome are so alike, true missionaries; sends her love to dearest Bee.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.45793.f.75
1. Madre Santa Colomba of the Convent of Trinith dei Monti, whom F.N. had met when in Rome in 1848. See O'Malley, pp. 140-145, Cook and Woodham Smith for details of their friendship.

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