2_431 9/11/48

9 Nov. [1848]

The cold weather will not drive them away - to people who live under a Douche which rains small hail stones it is nothing unusual; her childlike pleasure in watching the snow this morning; the capitulation of Vienna and her weariness of the world which is the devil's since WindischgrUtz took possession of it; her scorn of the Times % nobody writes but Reeve and his 2 relations; refers to a letter from Our Own Correspondent at Florisdorf ; news of the Nicholsons, Laura, and Aunt Anne; Nov.g her recollection of her first sight of St. Peter's and of seeing the Sun (of Regeneration as she thought him them) rising behind the towers of C. Vecchia.
1. A Leader of 8 Nov., 4a, asserted that 'Our sense of justice is so fully satisfied by the result of the capitulation of Vienna that we no more recoil from the infliction of these severest penalties on revolt, than we should from the necessary infliction of the last rigour of the law on a convicted offender.' 2. The Letter, dated 23 Oct., from Our Correspondent at Floresdorf, was published in the Times, 8 Nov., 3e.

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