2_414 7/48

[July 1848]

F.N. apologises for not writing but since he was here she has been so good for nothing that she has hardly been able to sit up half an hour together; there is a blackbird in the garden who positively calls Teazer; Mama and Parthe are gone to Bourne and F.N. & Papa are keeping house together; she is having the pond cleaned out, he'll be glad to hear; he will guess that she watches the Revolution in Italy pretty anxiously; an Italian has just been down here; the atrocities have been enormous; Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, who is 'our, Commander in Chief must certainly have beaten the Austrians in open field; account of the war round Mantua as she has it from an Italian friend.
8p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.46

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