2_412 29/5/48

[Written after 29 May 1848]

A full account of their difficult journey across disturbed France starting 31 March 1848 from Marseille through Avignon, Valence (4 April), Givors, Roanne (5 April), Bourges (9 April) Paris (10 April); a full description of Paris with its elegant barricades, tricolours everywhere, trees of Liberty, and the dismal Tuilleries; the story of the Revolution and the events of the 23rd and 24th Feb; M. Mohl's part as a Garde National; the news from Milan telling of the defeat of the Austrian troops, the fighting, the Austrian atrocities, but no reprisals on the Austrian wounded; the friar they heard preaching in the Coliseum continues his crusade in Bologna and Treviso; no one suspects Carlo Alberto now. April llth: The Quixotism of the French Revolution; F.N. attended a political meeting; she visited the Deaconesses; financial burdens, taxes, losses and the cost of living; half Paris is compromised by letters left behind by Louis Philippe.

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