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12 Oct. [1847]
Thanking him for the use of the Phrenological Journal, which she read with great interest; her interest in Dr. Engledue's essayl, though she does not agree with all that he says - 'No, there seems to be an inherent and everlasting difference between the highest animal and the lowest man, which defies Dr. Engleduels chain of links'; she considers admirable all that he says about the treatment of Criminals as Patients and 11 could not refrain from copying out a passage in a letter, (which I have just had from Dr. Howe of Boston) to shew you the coincidence of feeling of generous minds on both sides the Atlantic on this subject.' COLUMBIA UNIV. PRESB. HOSP. SCHL. NURSG.
1. In June 1842 Dr. William Collins Engledue (1814-1858) M.D. Edinb., addressed the Phrenological Association propounding the materialist theories of Gall on the organisation of matter. His speech, which was printed in full in the Phrenological Journal, 1842, 15, 291 317, raised considerable controversy, one speaker declaring he could not 'sit silent and hear mind thus boldly extinguished as a mere error of the imagination, and matter enthroned in its stead.' The part of Dr. Engleduels speech with which F.N. would have been in complete accord dealt with his ideas for the application of Cerebral Physiology to the treatment of criminals. The speech was also published in full in Medical Times, no.145. For further details on Engledue's life and work, see his Obituary, Brit-med.j., 1859, 89-90.

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