2_339 8/10/47

Lea Hurst
[8 Oct. 1847]
Shore, as the gentleman, ought to have written first; Laura and Lothian have just left; Shore's people have gone to Tapton; they were to have heard Jenny Lind, but she has a bad throat; discusses astronomical matters, Venus and the comet; she would like to know how he got through his examination; Bab is really a little better; describes an electricity experiment; news of Lothian and Blanche; P.S. The Earwig Churchyard in the Middle Hurst came down in the equinoctial; Uncle Oc is gone up to London but the inquest of the poor Cricket again adjourned; Lord Mintol is gone to Rome to make some communication with this gallant Pope2; tells of an election speech by a friend of Mr. James; sends her love to Hughie; drunkenness.
8p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.44
1. Gilbert Elliott Murray Kynmond, 2nd Earl of Minto (1782-1859), diplomat, was at this time sent to Italy by Palmerston to give moral support and advice to the Liberals. This encouragement was sufficient to precipitate the revolution in Sicily in 1848, and although his tour was not otherwise a success he did induce the King of Naples to grant the Sicilians a Parliament.
2. Pope Pius IX (1792-1878) Pope from 1846-1878; at this time he was still hailed as a liberal reformer, a reputation he lost after the disturbances of 1848 and his restoration by the might of foreign arms in 1850.

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