2_337 21/9/47

Lea Hurst
21 Sept. [1847]
Remarks on the accident in which Uncle Oc lost an eye; gives news of Laura and Lothian [Nicholsonj who visited her unexpectedly; Jenny's two boys are a great comfort to have visiting as they are a good influence on Shore; also has Aunt Mai staying; mentions progress of railroad in Aunt Evans's field; at Miss Clarke's command, she had dragged M. Mohll all over the Manufactories, Workhouse and Board of Guardians; M. Mohl's delusion is to imagine himself a political economist; she was cross with him for not being more interested in Miss Clarke but he has since written a letter showing great concern for his brother's marriage; has been to a concert by Jenny Lind 2 but was disappointed; cannot quite understand the Bracebridge's enthusiasm at having bought Shakespeare's house, for 'Is not one line of Julius Caesar more a remembrance of Shakespeare than the house where his old clothes lay?' 'It seems to me like going to visit a friend's dirty linen, when we have his own living self by our side'.
1. Moritz Mohl.
2. Jenny Lind (1821-1887) the soprano known as the Swedish Nightingale, married Otto Goldschmidt, the conductor, in 1852. During the Crimean war she gave a number of charity concerts to raise funds for the wounded.

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