2_302 22/2/47

30 Old Burlington Street
22 Feb. 01847]
She was very glad to hear of the deed of Mr. Bayes as Shore's catastrophe was ever present to her mind; she has visited his immediate relations; the frost has been making 'a day of it'; asks if he succeeded in capturing and taking to school a live member of the family Blackbird; she would like to know how the examinations came off land whether those two chapters of old Toy got themselves done?' ; her pa has seen his pa; she has dined at Bedford Squ. and was obliged to come home at foot's pace because the horses could not stand; she has found Hilary's pair of tweezers; on Saturday she went to a Hospital where are some little children and 1here was one of four dying who reminded her of little Paul Dombey ; she was in Henry's den in Lincoln's Inn some days ago - 'such a perfume of sanctity'; she goes a good deal to see a friend of hers who married a lawyer who as yet gets no law; all the flowers of virtue flourish there, law having planted and poverty watered them.
10p Signed 'old Bos.' B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.1
1. This letter is assigned to 1846 by the British Museum, but as the first numbers of Dombey and Son (by Charles Dickens) only began to be published in October 1846, it was more probably written in 1847.

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