2_300 6/12/46

6 Dec. [1846]
Letter writing, like mosquitoes, carries one off bodily as they did for Sir Francis Headl on the bank of the Grand River, Michigan; she is looking forward to seeing Shore at Christmas; Peppercorn's and Teazer's feet are perfectly sound, but it is quite possible to persuade Teazer that he is lame, by taking up one of his paws and pitying it and asking him questions about it; she has learnt how to do the mysterious lady from Mr. Wheatstone; Parthe's white rhododen dron has performed the entire revolution round the garden; they have filled the ice house which was hardly possible last year; Mr. Milnes writes again a dreadful account from Ireland, where he says famine is culminating in fever; the government employs nearly 800,000 on roads but that scarcely includes one out of each family; all the horror of workhouses is now gone and he saw one where passages and outhouses were literally full; here, though, she cannot understand how people live, with bread 14 pence the gallon, yet nobody complains; Papa has never had so many hands in employment, but excepting this asking for work, nobody murmurs; she has never seen so much sickness; she has been doing little lately worth telling of.
8p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.42
1. Sir Francis Bond Head (1793-1875) appointed Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada in 1835. This presumably refers to some incident during his term in Canada about which he wrote copiously in the Quarterly Review.

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