2_299 10/46

[Oct. 10 1846]

Sydney Smithi said Mr. Luttre112 was a man of real genius, he has invented a duck lozenge which you eat before going to bed and taste all night; F.N. wishes she could boil down all she has to say into a lozenge; she has discovered the secret of Wbeatstone's success., he always goes to the end of everything; he showed a vast number of optical experiments; Mr. Milnes says Middendorf was half starved here and expected to be given dog; recalls the two poor Claytons who died of consumption within 20 minutes of each other3; poor Spencer with the spine is rather better.
6p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.40
1. Sydney Smith (1771-1845) celebrated clergyman and wit.
2. Henry Luttrell (1765-1851) wit and poet, an intimate of Sydney Smith.
3. For the death of the Claytons, see O'Malley, p.122.

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