2_298 2/10/46

2 Oct. [1846]

’The Glorious Appollers' [Scientists] have all been staying since she last wrote; Prof. Wheatstondl had all kinds of jolly little polarising concerns with him; then they had such a queer fish, a Professor von MiddendorT, the Siberian traveller, who has been farther North than anyone has ever been before, except by sea; he is much scandalised by English feudal usages, passing the wine round the table reminded him of the Knights of the Round Table, and Mr. Nightingale of King Artbur; describes Prof. MiddendoWs explorations across Russia in detail; Mr. Milnes was here three times last month and each time funnier than the last.
12p ILM. AddYSS.46176.f.37
1. (Sir) Charles Wheatstone, see 240 n.l.
2. Alexander Theodor von Middendorf (1815-1894) Russian traveller and naturalist.

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