2_294 16/9/46

[Ca. 16 Sept. 1846]

They are just setting off for Southampton to do the Scientificsi ; Laura is to meet them to hear the Emperor's opening address - i.e. Sir Roderick Murchison's ; F.N. has invented a new system of logarithms to count the number of times 'Imperial Majesty' occurs in the speech; she and Papa went to the Strutt election in Derby when Edward Strutt3 was nearly turned out because he had once given his vote in favour of a paltry 22,000 to the Roman Catholic College of Maynooth in Ireland.
5p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.30
1. Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. (See 288 n.1).
2. 'Sir Roderick Impey Murchison (1792-1871) F.R.S.; a noted geologist; President of Geographical Society, 1843-1858; President of the British Association, 1846. He was an expert on the geology of Russia and the Ural mountains, and held several Russian orders. His nickname - the Emperor may have arisen from the fact that he was always talking about His Imperial Majesty.
3. Edward Strutt, who was finally unseated in 1848 for bribery (See 133 n.l and 322 n.1).
4. In 1843, in an effort to conciliate the Catholic clergy in Ireland, Peel increased the grant to Maynooth from 9,000 to 26,000 which raised a storm of protest in England.
Gladstone resigned (see Woodward, The Age of Reform, p.351).

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