2_276 27/5/46

[27 May 1846]
She was very glad to see his hand again; letters are to her lovelier than the breath of roses etc.; the babs left this morning; Lady DlOyley who has lived all her life in India is full of curious stories about the Indian Begums; F.N. has been trying to find out lately all the Bible tells us about Angels; her amusement at a sermon in which the preacher calculated the angelic pace at so many miles an hour by Gabriel's journey to Daniel; can we ask mhere a spirit is at all? It is as easy to conceive the hand obeying the volition of a mind at the moon, as of a mind in the head; there is neither time nor space to spirits; sends her love to Hughie.
8p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.10

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