2_274 15/5/46

15 May [1846]
Shore's mother is with them and his father will be tonight; the two little cherubs, Edith and Gertrudel thrive; 'cherubim' means 'knowing ones' or Fullness of Knowledge; but it may be doubted whether her cherub can be called a knowing one; nature, who has provided all other animals with the talent of self preservation, has allowed her animals to indulge in all sorts of Saltatory Exhibitions, leaving her the entire care of the vital Spark during the same; tells him never to trouble about not writing to her if he does not want to; she looks on love as the free gift of a God of Love; her eagerness to get to the mail as it arrives; how does Chemistry & Co get on. 1Astronome/It puzzles me/And optics drive me mad./ Mensuration/is vexation/But all Science is as bad. 1 ; that most beautiful thing, a light heart in a serious mind; Teazer2 sends his love.
8p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.8
T Daughters of Aunt Jane and Uncle Octavius Smith.
2. The dog.

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