29_425 30/12/89

30 Dec. 1889

'Private; Homerton Fever Hospital'; notes on organization of nursing; 'Strictly for Miss Maude Stanley alone'; 3/1/90 discusses difficulties involved in situation in which Matron does not have charge of the nursing; Miss Aston must not resign her post, but by tact and tamper, work out the salvation 'of these-poor little brats' and gain the power which she must have to fulfil the responsibility; there was a very great safeguard in the presence of Miss Webb, PLEL who is third Assistant Medical Officer, and who makes regular nightly rounds and insists on Nurses sending for her by Night as by Day if wanted; 'She understands nursing as no man can dW; the difficulties in the way of the Matron fulfilling her proper responsibilities; a few gentler= as nurses would make such a difference in the tone of the hoSpita
12p Dictated B.M. Add.MSS.4775i 5

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