29_359 13/9/89

[Aft. 13 Sept. 1889]

Thanks him for his letter and typescript of his proposed pamphlet on district nursing [ff.84-134]; F.N. suggests there is too much of mere extracts from the Report of the M. & N. of 1875 and other papers; the rest is too much of a summary and repetition of 'Organization' etc.; the historical point is very important, but F.N. suggests there should be more of a summing up of successes and dangers; points out the change which has taken place during the past fourteen or fifteen years; 'If only from the extraordinary difference in the position & education of women, in the independence of what are called gentlewomen, so that with parents' consent they may now do almost anything that looks useful, whereas formerly they could only marry'; the consequence to nursing has been both bad and good with all sorts of people with all sorts of motives; suggests that the general tendency of the paper is to excite a demand for district nurses which cannot be met.
5p In pencil draft B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.135
e.f. f.67 where she suggests difficulties and failures should be pointed out (no. 184a.)

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