29_203 1889

3 Why 1889

F.N. did like Nurse de Laney 1 so much 'How I wish she was ours. She is so genial, so sympathizing with Patients, - & Nurses'; asks for catalogue of Nurses' books in the Hospital and No. 8 block.
Extract A.L.P.'s notebook GTER. LOND. REC. OFF.
1. Miss Amelia Plummer de Laney entered St. Thomas's in 1883 aged thirty-five. In 1886 she went to St. Marylebone Infirmary as Night Superintendent, a post she held for three years. In 1889 she was appointed Assistant Matron of Birmingham Workhouse Infirmary. In 1894 she became Matron of the Home for Epileptics, Chalfont St. Peters.

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