29_184 7/4/89

10 South Street, Park Lane
a 7 April 1889
'Materials for the History of Nursing the Poor in their own Homes.0 'How rejoicing to read over again what an immense work has been accomplished by the means of him who remains anonymous - how early he began, more than 30 years ago - and how he is still in fullest vigour'; she is glad he is going for so necessary a three weeks run to the Riviera; apologises for having kept the paper for so long; cautions him against encouraging a demand for trained District Nurses which cannot be met.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.67
1. History, ff.59-66
b 7 April 1889
Note on 'Mr. Rathbone's paper', 'how rejoicing etc.'
lp Pen & pencil B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.69

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