28_523 12/5/88

10 South Street
12 May 1888
This terrible ---- business; at all events we must put it in God's hands; 'I don't believe in the victory of good & truth in His hands may it never be against us but always with us! .... both with --- and Miss ---- I cannot help feeling that they are going into not at all the purpose for which they are trained; how much F.N. sympathises with Miss Pringle's wish, not exactly for a New Zealand farm - 'no, 1 would not leave much suffering England, hardly even for a War - but to be a Ward Nurse or a District Nurse. I feel so ungrateful for what you call my 'lovely room' - & for those sorts of blessings.
And the immense opportunities I have had given me - no one has had more - do not think but that I know how badly I have used them - in how little of the true spirit.'
Extract A.L.P.'s notebook GTER. LOND. REC. OFF.

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