28_485 26/2/88

10 South Street
26 Feb. 1888
F.N. is very much interested about Miss [Formbyl 1 and her present emigration undertaking; does she know anything about overlooking the health of children; cottages; earth, air and water; cleanliness; privies etc. etc.; can midwifery responsibility be taken at three months training; has Miss ---- the motherly element to supervise 25 agricultural families; there is not much of a trained nurse about looking after healthy families; would she like to see F.N.; F.N. sends Miss Pringle a volume in which is her dear Port Royal; she will send Beard's Port Royal when this is returned; the male heads of the British Nurses Association have been to see her about a Register; 'In my own mind I think it hopeless - all sentiment no practical grasp of any detail.'
Extract A.L.P.'s notebook GTER. LOND. REC. OFF.
1. ? Miss Mable Eugenie Formby entered St. Thomas's in 1886 aged twenty-nine. She left for South Africa in March 1888, and returned home to be married in 1890. (Gter. Lond. Rec.
Off. RI/ST/NTS.C1/3) Miss Formby went as Colony Sister to guide and befriend 25 families according to F.N.'s letters of 28 Feb. and 1 March (nos. 488, 491).

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