28_439 10/12/87

10 South Street, Park Lane W
10 Dec. 1887
F.N. has carefully conned all the documents, particularly Sir R.
Alcock's letter; the position is a most critical one; all the District Nurses' Societies very eager to have a slice of the Queen's bounty without making any terms; 'It would certainly be resented if any of us appeared to make a favour of accepting the Queen's Bounty.' Mr. Craven's letter was very aggravating, especially in quoting her strictly private and confidential letter to Mr. Rathbone; for the country's sake, it is necessary that the main head-quarters of the Queen's Bounty should be the % & NT and Liverpool; suggests Bonham-Carter should be consulted as soon as he returns to the country. 'I am afraid that I am a broken reed.
The Doctors send me quite away to solitude for 3 months.'
7p In pencil QUEEN'S INST. DIST.

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