28_412 6/11/87

10 South Street, Park Lane W
6 Nov. 1887
'Strictly Confidential'; reports a conversation she has had with Sir James Paget on the deliberations of the Commitee of Advice [for Queen's Jubilee Trust]; the outline of the scheme has gone to the Queen; it consisted merely of a plan for District Nurses, to spread all over the country; SirJames Paget does not think the District Nurses Associations should give up local self government; F.N. gave Sir James details of the M. & N. nursing expenses but was unable to give the Liverpool expenses - asks Mr. Rathbone for these; the Duke of Westminster is to go to Balmoral to discuss the outline with the Queen; Sir James Paget entirely agreed in the necessity of proper inspectresses, of non relief, of raising not pauperising the people; his views on pensions or a Provident system; on certificates, his views coincide with hers.
7p In pencil draft B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.30
Printed in Mary Stocks, A Hundred Years of District Nursing, 1960, pp. 69-71.

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