27_385 13/10/87

10 South Street, Park Lane, W
13 Oct. 1887
'I feel extremely both the unwisdom. of Genl. Ponsoday's plan and the difficulty of replying to it by argument.' Suggests argument to put against the plan: 'Central University or Governing Body of all Nursing establishments which might desire to affilitate themselves to reward good Nurses and pension deserving ones,' 1. Who is to determine who are 'good' Nurses, & who are 'deserving' ones? Certificates are generally valueless. 2. Such a scheme would tend to diminish the responsibility of hospitals to pay their nurses sufficient to enable them to contribute towards their own pension fund. 3. Large and established hospitals would probably not affiliate themselves. There would be a temptation 'to incompetent gentlewomen to flock still more into an already overstocked profession'. 4. Very large number with equal claims must be disappointed. 5. Non-encouragement of thrift. 6. Non-raising of the standard of Nursing. 7. Temptation of wishing to go abroad. 8. Experience shows that special rewards tends to lower the standard of Nursing. The nurse is tempted to some 'nursing action of 6clat', while the nurse who wears herself out in steady hard work will not be found out by the Queen's Fund; but these considerations will not convert a man practically ignorant of hospital life or of the nursing profession.
7p Partly in pencil QUEEN'S INST. DIST.
cjjo~ m

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