27_335 14/8/87

Claydon House, Winslow,'Bucks.
14 Aug. 1887
Thanks Mr. Rathbone for his letter acknowledging her telegram; has seen a lady who had a great deal to do with the Jubilee Fund and seemed to have more sense than the others put together; final income from fund will be about 2500 a year, and no part of the capital of 60,000 should be spent on building or on any new organization, but on nurses, as 60,000 does not go very far in building; she does not think that the Queen's Nurses should all be 'ladies'; tradeswomen, now only living 'genteel' lives should be encouraged to widen their activities as the ladies have done, and do something useful; deplores tendency of ladies engaged in district nursing to become 'private' nurses, leaving the poor with only inferior nurses, or even without nursing at all.
7p In pencil QUEEN'S INST. DIST.

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