27_334 14/8/87

17 9-14 Aug. 1887]

F.N. has sent his paper to Bonham Carter for his suggestions; she has nothing to 1 suggest that Rathbone should tell the Secretary of the Jub. Fund; he should give him all the information which no one else can give him.
2p (1 sheet missing) QUEEN'S INST. DIST.
1. To honour the Queen in the fiftieth year of her reign, the women of Britain subscribed 82,000. After making certain personal gifts, it was decided that the balance of 70,000 should be given to some deserving cause of the Queen's choosing. Mrs. Dacre Craven, together with Bonham Carter and Sir Edmund Lechmere applied for it to be put to the use of the Metropolitan and National Nursing Association which in due course was rechristened the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses.
(Mary Stocks, A Hundred Years of Ddstrict Nursing, pp. 63-77.)

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