27_150 10/1/87

10 South Street, Park Lane W
10 Jan. 1887
'Private and Confidential% although no longer at the War Office his extreme kindness has emboldened her to write to him concerning the reorganisation of the Army Sanitary Commission; the Sanitary state of the Dublin Barracks and Major Goamls death from typhoid fever; drinking and vice among the young soldiers; the harbouring of prostitutes in public houses in Portsmouth; in spite of improve ments made by Government in providing Recreation Rooms in Barracks there is still an excess of drinking; in fact the success or failure of such schemes depends on the commanding officer or on the lone man'; criticises the present n.C.O.s as too young, stilted and imperious, 'clothed in a little brief authority'; the failure of the temperance societies; asks whether the War Office could act in the matter of the adulteration of drink which is absolutely illegal under the 'Sale of Food and Drugs Ac0; and likewise illegal to harbour prostitutes under the 'Criminal Law Amendment Act.' 16p pen and pencil draft based on pencil notes of f.236, 238.
B.M. Add.MSS.45807.f.240

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