27_139 30/12/86

10 South Street
30 Dec. 1886
F.N. has not written because she has not been able; she does not think she shall do more Kmases; Margaret's dear letter; but there seems to be a vein of sadness in her now, as if they had made too much of it, and there was not really such an improvement in Lettice; New Year's greetings; 'abominable RandolphIs prank is disastrouslj the only thing is for Goschen to take RandolphIs place and let the Cabinet stay as they are; administration is now utterly sacrificed to party politics; encloses little note from Ellen Tollet; Lady Belper has moved poor Freddy to her own house.
5p In pencil CLAYDON
1. Lord Randolph Churchill resigned suddenly on 22nd December over the question of economies in the War Office which the War Minister, W. H. Smith, refused, Goschen did replace him as Chancellor of the Exchequer, but only for a few weeks. He lost his seat in a bye-election on 26 Jan. 1887.

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