25_876 27/8/82

27 Aug. 1882

F.N. expresses her misgivings about sending Nurses out to Egypt under such unsatisfactory arrangements; concerning Miss Airy, 'there is a certain weakness you know about her as well as a certain greatness'; the Carthage must by now have taken the sick and wounded from Ismailia; she is a remarkably fast ship; 'In the Suez Canal you know they must not go above 5 miles an hour'; 1 the Canal is like an oven; Mrs. D[eeblel delighted with Miss A[iry].
2p In pencil draft B.M. Add.MSS.45807.f.10
1. The Suez Canal was opened to shipping in November 1869. In 1875 the British government purchased the Ehedive Ismail's shares for 4,000,000.

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