25_787 10/6/82

10 June 1882

Representation: India: foundation laid for eternal good by Sir John Lawrence; it is only possible to do the people good through such sympathy as Mr. Wilson's; the land question has become so burning in Bengal, that if it is not settled soon it will become impossible; necessity of agricultural education; asks why is population such a great element of power everywhere but in India, and in India an element of weakness; question of representation has a terrible significance in India for the cultivators will have no one to represent them; Balliol sends forth her new missionaries; in four years from being a Balliol undergraduate Mr. Wilson has done this; 'Nothing tells so soon, so widely and so strongly as Indian Civil Service education, because nowhere is there such a field;' Sir G. Campbell's two lectures; future administrators must be awakened here to intense interest and importance of their position in India.
4p In pencil notes [Draft of f. 258] B.M. Add.MSS.45806.f.251
1. Arnold Toynbee (1852-1883) social philosopher and economist.
Immediately after taking his degree at Balliol College, Oxford, Toynbee was appointed tutor in economics, and in this capacity had charge of the studies of the young men preparing for the Indian Civil Service. He was an intimate friend of Benjamin Jowett.

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