25_1088 5/8/83

10 South Street, Park Lane
5 Aug. 1883
F.N. sends money, wages, and the Brief Handbook of Political Economy 'for the dear Co-ops' 1; the Brief Handbook is neither brief nor clear and will require at least 10 strong lectures to handle it; 2 advises R. to write to R. Bonham Carter about provident dispensaries she sends a paper on Registration of nurses to H. Bonham 3 Carter which touches an some points relating to Philadelphia Hospital ; sends her best love to Mama and Barbarina.
3p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.45795.f.167
1. The Co-operative Wholesale Society, founded in Manchester in 1864, had gone steadily ahead, its profits first exceeding 10,100 in 1880, and 20,000 in 1886.
2. Provident dispensaries were first set up by the Charity Organisation Society in the 1870's. For a few pence a week a family had the right to medical treatment (at home if necessary) for all its members. In 1880 the Metropolitan Medical Association was formed.
3. Blockley Hospital, Philadelphia, was reformed by Alice Fisher (See Sir Zachary Cope, Six disciples of F.N., London, Pitman Medical, 1961, pp. 69-74)

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