23_309 1880

10 South Street
Easter Sunday [28.3] 1880
Easter greetings; asks Miss Pringle about the nurses saying; idea for central Home and Club, or Provident Society, supported by their own contributions; 183 have asked her to sit for her portrait and she has replied that if they will think of saving, she will think of sitting; she has just returned from Ramsgate where she went for three weeks silence; the Drs. say she must be free from responsi bilities for a year; she must go away to work up the arrears of Indian work; the trained nurses gave a beautiful wreath and Cross for her mother's funeral; she hopes Miss Pringle cares about th& Elections as she is in the thick of them; Sir Harry fighting a ', losing battle in Buckingham; what delights her is that the Liberals find that the labourers and the working men have waked up duringAhe last six years to interests entirely new to them.
Extract A.L.P.'s notebook GTER. LOND. REC. OFF.

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