23_230 10/79

Lea Hurst
Oct. 1879
lwamen's Provddent Societies'; haw much H.B.C. has done for his Book Binders and Upholsterers; 'I am glad you take care that each member is a "competent workwoman". This is something towards the same security that we obtain by training'; 'I trust you will be free from strikes. No: there is no danger of Strikes among Trained Nurses. Only imagine if there were.' The temptations besetting poor young girls in trades from want of good homes and interests; the Co-op. store at Lea Hurst is not doing very well; discusses savings banks; sick pay; thanks for the 'Hearts of Oak' Friendly Society book; F.N. does not agree that women tend to be ill more than men; South Bucks Friendly Society admits women; F.N. suggests sanitary conditions be introduced for those joining Friendly Societies, e.g. lying-in women not to be employed; and rules about drainage, sinks, water supply etc.; typhoid epidemic at Lea attributable to the most obvious causes; reminds him to send her the rules of Lord Morton's Friendly Society for women; Mr. Mark Knowles, a capital man; the wisdom of his rules; the power of leverage in a Friendly Society for Moral and Sanitary purposes; application of Provident Society to Nurses; charity is to be particularly avoided, because of its probable effect in preventing Hospitals from raising Nurses wages; Guy's the only Hospital with Nurses' Provident Fund; Nurses' requirements.
49p [seems to be draft or notes; refers to 'Your excellent Mrs. Paterson and to Mr. Knowles'].
B.M. Add.MSS.47720.f.49

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