23_12 2/79

[beg. Feb. 1879]

The defeat of 700 at Osandula in Natal 'A defeat in a righteous cause means a great victory in the end'; the courage of Sir Bartle; F.N. would offer her deepest sympathy to the poor widows; she looks forward to the putting down of slavery among the Kaffre [sic] women.
7p In pen and pencil draft B.M. Add.MSS.45805.f.142
1. The British force under Lord Chelmsford was defeated by the Zulus at landhlwana (F.N.'s 'Isandulal on 22nd January,ten days after the beginning of the Zulu War. F.N.'s friend Sir Bartle Frere, who had been appointed High Commissioner of South Africa in 1877, incurred the serious displeasure of the Prime Minister and cabinet-for precipitating the war by issuing an ultimatum to Cetewayo, king of the Zulus, which he knew could not be accepted. Few people, even at the time, thought the cause righteous.

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