23_100 25/4/79

25 April 1879

Asks what has already been done in his harbour cleansing scheme; the practical sanitary code which all may understand, being circulated in the Interior; the paramount importance of hygiene, or preventive medicine; the bad sanitary state of E. London, though London is in fact one of the healthiest large cities in the worldenquires whether the Bombay Agriculturists Debts Act 1878 is carried or to be carried; the value of telling the English public the whole truth and enlisting their support; agricultural reform; universal corruption; terrible details of the Madras famine; heroisms of Rorke; she never expected to see herself a writer ill periodicals, but the necessity of drawing interest to India has made her do so; 2 May 1879: the dark tints in which Englishmen paint the present and the prospects of India; 'It is because Englishmen have so high an opinion both of the great ideal in store for India under English rule and of the will and the power of the English high official in India to accomplish this ideal that the "painting" is so dark'.
10p In pencil draft B.M. Add.MSS.45805.f.177

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