22_830 13/6/77

35 South Street
13 June 1877
A Miss Richards, a Boston lady, Training Matron to the Massachusetts General Hospital, has in a very spirited manner came to tusg for training herself; she would have taken the ordinary yearts training but her authorities would not let her and she was admitted as a visitor; % have seen her, and have seldom seen anyone who struck me as so admirable. 1 think we have as much to learn from her as she from ust; F.N. strongly recommends her to enter the Edinburggh.
Infirmary in the same way; Che is a thorough gentlewoman & a hard working woman of sense and intellect;',, they are sending Miss Spencer to Edinburgh - her loss is irreparable to St, Thomas tShe is so perfect in her own way'; the Brompton Consumptive Hospital has asked us again for a trained lady to fill the new Lady Superintendent% post there; asks if Miss Pringle has anyone for the post; F.N. would very much like to have had this Hospital under a good woman because the Hospital knows what it wants.
Extract A.L.P.'s notebook GTER, LOND, REC, OFF,

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