21_710 30/9/76

35 South Street
30 Sept. 1876, 6 a,m,
The sober view that they both, F.N. and Miss Pringle, take of the possible futures of life; veiled in mist and sometimes in drizzle; with gleams of the Father's love; F.N. dares say Miss Williams feels dreary enough now, but her great spirit will soon buckle to her work; F.N. is sure Miss P, does not feel so stranded as F.N. did when she was left at Scutari alone and Mr..and Mrs. Bracebridge went home; this dreadful Turco-Servian War; the Bulgarian miseries; the Herbert is a great harass; 'Better begin in difficulty than be impervious, easy and self-confident.y
Extract A.L.P.9s notebook GTER, LOND, REC, OFF.

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