21_595 26/3/76

Sunday 26 March 1876

Tiss Irby: [her letter to melt; there appears to be a misunderstanding; points out the difficulties of Austriats position; F.N. 1 is glad Miss % has written it all to George Lefevre, but Lord Morley is nobody; Mr, Gladstone will not take it up; Lord Derby is the only person.
2p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.45795.f,71
With draft of Circular for the Bosnian and Herzegovina Fugitives Orphan Relief Fund (Association for Promoting Education among the Slavonic Christians of Bosnia and the Herzegovina, formed 1865).
B,M, Add,MSS.45795.f.73
1. Albert Edmund Parker, 3rd Earl of Morley (1843-1905)

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