21_459 13/1/75
13 Jan, 1875

Notes on Miss Crossland's experience as a Probationer;' F.N. thinks the Lady Probationers want drilling as much as the Nurse Probationers; some Lady Probationers able for much more advanced lectures.
4p In pencil KM, Add,MSS,47738.f.2
1. Mary S. Crossland, entered St. Thomas's as a probationer in 1874. In September, 1875 she was appointed Home Sister, an office F.N. considered of the first Importance in the training and wellbeing of the Probationers. Miss Crossland remained in the post until her retirement in September 1896. (For an account of Miss Crossland's work as Home Sister, and her dealings with F.N. see Lucy Seymer, P ... N... vs nurses. The Aightingale Training School, 1860-1960, London, Pitman, 1960). Her correspondence with F,N. covering the years 1875-1900 is in B.M. Add.MSS.47738-41.

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