21_451 1874


Letter discussing in detail the placing of nurses in the light of their previous training, attainments p character etc.; 'Those have the only real authority who do not wish it for amthorityls sake,, The greatest fallacy of all is to suppose that those who like authority are - they who are fit to use it.* 11 quite agree in all you say about the undesirableness of bonuses; the desirableness of forming higher, i,e. better paid posts for merit.'
Extract A.L.P.W notebook GTER, LOND, REC, OFF.
In a note Miss Pringle writes of this letter 'The first sheet of the long letter from which the following [above] extracts are taken was missing ... They go to show the pains Miss Nightingale took - how she laboured to help us in selecting nurses of different degrees of training for work in a hospital to which she had sent a Superintendent and staff. It was understood their training would be continued in such a hospital.'

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