21_420 8/10/74

Lea Hurst, Matlock
8 Oct. 1874
'Sanitary Blue Book for 1870; there is no o jection to her pamphlet going into PlowdePs forthcoming Sanitary Vol.l; it is of the utmost importance that he should notice six memoranda on the Madras and Bombay Reports for 1873 in his Report; she is glad that Dr. CunninghaWs Abstract goes in full into the Appendix.
1. Gife or death in Indiat, was published in Report on measures adopted for sanitary improvements in India, from June 1873 to June 1874; together with abstracts of Sanitary Reports for 1872, forwarded from Bengal, Madras, and Bombay. (Biobiblio graphy, no. 66 (iii), p.67)

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