20_205 10/73

[Oct. 1873]

'I wish to say Łor her honour that her confession was free and full her pledge as free and unasked for' ... F.N. denies that 'she' only gave her pledge as a result of being told of 'the rumours'; 'she behaved like the noblest of womenl and not as she now says. If I die before she changes towards me tell her that 1 said so that she was then God's holy penitent and that it is she who is now unjust to herself not I to her ... etc.' F.N. hopes 'she' will recognise the tender loyalty of Pearl [Miss Pringle]; she was under the influence of either the greater or lesser Devil at Edinburgh.
4p fragment, part rubbed out In pencil
B.M. Add.MSS.47756.f.211
1. This letter almost certainly refers to Miss Barclay of Edinburgh.

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