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3 March 1838
They were pleased to hear from Aunt Mai so excellent an account of the children, and that grandmother and Aunt Evans were still together and well; they arrived in Florence last Saturday, 24th and have got beautiful rooms in a very nice hotel by the river; they have baths and pianos and are able to practise hard; it is not the season at Florence at the present time so these fine things are much cheaper than usual; letters from Aunt Mai and Aunt Julia telling of rapid change in Uncle Carter; they heard of his death two days later; they have met English families iy Florence as well as Italians, including the great singer Catalani ; letters are ten days coming from England; they stayed three days at Pisa and went to a court Ball given by the Grand Duke; they were sorry to leave Genoa where they were for five weeks and enjoyed every hour of the time; the Genoese were very hospitable; pictures and statues in Florence are well worth seeing; they like Italy better than 2 France; music and opera; [she has not yet seen her Florintine nurse , but has been trying to find her out; they have found an Italian groom boy who went with them to Paris seventeen years ago from Florence; accounts of building at Embley from Mr. Giffard, the clergyman; she fears that the poor people must be suffering very much from the cold in the north of England; at Pisa they saw the curious sight of wild camels who live in the sandy marsh by the seaside; sixty of them are employed on the Grand Duke's farm as beasts of burden; Papa sends his love.]
3p [last page missing in Wellcome copy] CLAYDON Xerocopy: WELLCOME INST
1. Angelica Catalani (1779-1849) famous opera singer of great beauty and astonishing range of voice.
2. Balia.

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