1_93 14/11/37

14 Nov. [1837?j
They long to hear that she is pretty well now that the winter is come; they cannot grieve for Mr. Sam Shore's death after so much suffering, but grieve that they will never see so kind-hearted, benevolent a man again; asks after Lydia and her sisters; Shore and Bertha are going on nicely; they are a happy, droll little pair; Mama seems much stronger after her visit to Leamington, and Parthe is quite well; Dr. JephsonI has done them both good; they have no snow, but some frosts, which have cut off all the flowers; there are good accounts from Aunt Mai, but she is so busy that she is glad to have the children off her hands.
1. Henry Jephson (1798-1878) M.D.; practised very successfully in Leamington Spa, treating patients from all over the world.
In a single year he made 24,000.

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