1_92 24/7/37

Lea Hurst
24 July 1837
Family news; the Offley Shores cannot come as they had promised, as Mrs. Offley has not been well; Aunt Julia and her friend Emily Taylorl, are expected next Saturday; Aunt Julia has been staying with Uncle Ben2 at Norwich during his election; Father has been at the assizes and election at Derby, and does not come back '01 tomorrow; Aunt Maria Coape is coming in August; Aunt Mai and her children have spent some time at Waverley; (also message from Parthe on the same sheet.)
2p [Following 212p letter from Parthe] CLAYDON Xerocopy: WELLCOME INST
1. Emily Taylor (1795-1860) poetess and writer of hymns, poems and historical tales.
2. Benjamin Leigh Smith (1783-1860), elder brother of Mrs. W.E. Nightingale, but according to O'Malley (Florence Nightingale 1820-1856, Butterworth, 1931) his domestic arrangements were such that Mrs. Nightingale would not allow her daughters to associate with him.

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